End of Year Clearance

I just pared down my friends list.  While this was mostly retired accounts, there were a number who'd removed me, and I finally felt the honorable thing to do would be to respect their wishes and remove them as well.  This is not intended as a purge or a reflection on anyone's worth in any manner - it's merely an acknowledgement of a parting of ways.

By the same token, if I've removed someone in error, or if you wished to continue to monitor my journal, I have no issues with that, and will reinstate you without question.  Leave me a comment down below, and I'll correct. (comments are screened for your privacy.)

For those who have moved on, thank you for the pleasure of your company while it lasted.  I hold no regrets.

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Just because someone asked so sweetly...

and because I haven't had time or (honestly) been in the mood all summer...

here goes your bandwidth!!!

Double Delight

Double Delight

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OK, I've been back in the LJ saddle for a couple of weeks now, mostly doing some catch-up reading and some amount of drive-by commenting.

Now it's time to cut the apron strings for those who've moved on. I'm going to be doing a bit of clean up on the friends list in a few minutes. Don't panic - I'm not removing anyone who hasn't dropped me already or has already interacted with me in some way since my return.

IF you end up being dropped, and really didn't want to be, just drop an email to frostbyte AT and let me know.

No drama here, folks - just getting a handle on the list.

Red sky at morning...

Did you ever look at the daybreak sky, and just wonder what's going on up there? I know the old chant - "Red sky at night, sailor's delight - Red sky at morning, sailor take warning" but I've never really known what it was supposed to mean...

Today, as I left for work, I looked up at a sky that looked like some sort of orange tapioca pudding.. I took a few pictures... Here's the best of the bunch, and though I've sized it down to around 800x600, I think you can still see what I mean.

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Oh, and LJ seems to be hoarding replies this morning.. so between that and the fact I'm the helpdesk phone guy this morning, I may not be able to reply right away...

Just another manic Monday...

Nope, not listening to that song... matter of fact, I don't even have the radio on. It's just an accurate description of my day so far. I've been covering our helpdesk phone today, and I already have a cauliflower ear going on. Silence is my friend right now...

No matter... It's Monday, and it's time for a rose! You may remember this rose - this is what we started off the season with back in June. This rose is the anchor of the heart-shaped bed in my front yard. As you may also remember, the three roses there are named Love, Honor, and Cherish. All three were introduced at the same time in 1980 as the Wedding Trio, and were All-America Rose selections that year. This one is Love.


Hope you all are having a Love-ly day. :-) (hehehehe - couldn't resist!)
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Monday, Monday, so good to me...

For anyone too young to remember, that was a tune by a little group called The Mamas and The Papas, from sometime last century... for the rest of you who know who I'm talking about, they were a mellow sound, weren't they? :-)

*ahem* oh, yeah... I'm supposed to be posting a rose this morning, aren't I? Well, here's what I had to choose from...

The whole south bed is in bloom, and because of the heat when they were budding, and the rain over the weekend, there wasn't a single blossom in the bunch really worth a solo pic...

Soooo.... you get a special rerun. It's a pretty large photo - 800x600 to be exact. That's so that you can save it and turn it into a Windows background if you wish. I know it works well resized up to 1024x768 - it's what I use for MY background. I know it's an old photo - it's from three years ago, actually. But it's still, in my own not-so-humble opinion, the best miniature rose photo I've taken.

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I had a decent weekend... home cooking at my Mother-in-law's on Sunday, followed by Vikings football. For those in Wisconsin who may not have heard yet, the Vikes won at Lambeau. :-> Oh, and by the way, for any who may happen to live anywhere near Missoula, MT, and know who the Grizzlies are? That little Division II team from Fargo seems to have pooped on your parade... have a good rest of the season!

OK, enough gloating... time for a rose!

Diana, Princess of Wales

This is the third one of these we've tried in as many years. This year, we have it planted in a much more protected area. All the same, I've told my wife that this is the absolute last chance for it. I hope it survives the upcoming winter - it really is a pretty rose, even though it seems to suffer in the humid heat of the last month or so...

Anyway... off to my Monday. Hope yours goes well!
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oh, yeah, today IS Monday, too!

Hooo, boy, am I in holiday mode!

I forgot to post the rose this morning!! Guess I'd better correct that, huh? ;-)

Here you go! :-)

Sterling Silver

Hope you're all having a good day off! :-)
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Monday's rose

Morning, everyone...

Well, it's finally happened. I've run out of roses that you haven't seen before. I have to post a photo of a rose you've already seen this season.

So, to try to make up for it, there's a BUNCH of them in this photo! This is Bill Warriner, the floribunda I used to start the rose posts for this season. Before you try to count all the blossoms and buds on this bush, I'll tell you the photo is a couple weeks old, and I just pruned them all off yesterday. They had finally faded completely after a two-week show. And, I counted them as I clipped them off.

33. Thirty-three blossoms at one time on that little rosebush. My oldest, and best-performing rosebush. *sigh* I feel like such a daddy. ;-)

Bill Warriner

In other news, it was miserably hot and humid over the weekend. We had lots of places to go and people to see, and I'm tired. But this morning, we had a big old thunderstorm - thunder, BIG lightning, and a good gullywasher rain. Since we hadn't had any substantial rain since July 9, THAT was very welcome!

The salt mines are calling me - better get at it... later, all! :-)
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Monday's rose, errr, roses.

Today, instead of just one rose, I decided I wanted to give you an idea of what I get to see each morning as I get into my truck to head to work - this is a part of the rosebed that lines the south side of our home.

In the foreground is Bride's Dream(pink), then Bill Warriner(apricot), Arlene Francis(yellow), and Chrysler Imperial(red).

Yep, it IS nice to see something that pretty to start my Monday morning. I hope you all enjoy it as well. :-) I'm off to meetings, so I'll be back later to reply to any comments that may trickle in.
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